This is my first true shortboard and I have been nothing but psyched.


I just wanted to write to say thanks…huge…

I was in your shop a few weeks ago on a Saturday…I ended up buying the 6′2″ accelerator.  This is my first true shortboard and I have been nothing but psyched.

It’s already been a great match for me surfing

the beach breaks around SLO this time of year.

I’m already looking forward to buying my next board from you…maybe a “good waves” board for this winter!!!  You’ll have to give me your recommendation when the time comes.

I’m also going to bring my girlfriend in towards the beginning of September to order a longboard for her.  I was telling you about her when I was in last time.  It’s her b-day and it’s time to get her a board of her own!

I hope all is well.  And thanks again.

Mark S., San Luis Obispo, CA

The Accelerator: Shaper’s Breakdown

This board is specifically designed to make small wave performance surfing easy. You get fast-driving speed bursts off the front foot and hair-trigger, tail whipping warp-arcs off the back foot. A wider nose outline and low entry rocker get this board into waves quicker and blot it down the line faster. A bendy tail rocker sweeps off the back fin making it quick and responsive in tight rail-arcing hook-turns. An even single concave runs through the midsection of the board making for a “wide open sweet spot” i.e. the board wants to go even if you don’t have your feet right in the perfect spot every time.

The Accelerator: Online Board Shop

Click here to browse Accelerator’s in the online board shop & have them shipped to your door.


~ by Surfboard Reviews on August 17, 2009.

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